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Very Unhappy with Quicken / Intuit

July 27th, 2011 at 04:06 pm

I've been using Quicken since 1996. The latest version I have owned is Quicken 99 which has worked just fine as I manually enter everything (no bank downloads).

My old computer was dying, so I loaded my Quicken disk onto a new computer (with an older, compatible Windows). Quicken was working fine at first until a registration window popped up saying I needed to register it or else it would shut down after 10 uses.

Lo and behold, the original registration code# does not work. They have it set up so that you must call for a new code# each time the disk is installed.

Long story short, I tried like mad with Intuit, but they refused to give me a new code# for the disk I had PURCHASED. Fifteen years of data will now be lost.

Their suggestion that I purchase a new Quicken would be a conversion nightmare, according to what I've read because of the old Quicken file type and having to upgrade through each version, step-by-step. And why should I have to purchase a new one when I already have a purchased copy that I should be able to use for the life of the disk?

I will now have to print out my current year's data and will load an old Money program and switch to that, but I am really ticked.

As for my other program, QuickBooksPro, thankfully the original code# worked! I'm still using QB 6.0 (2000), and I will never upgrade as long as I can help it. Don't want to be caught up in all the forced upgrade money pit horror stories I've been reading about. I stopped paying them for the payroll tax updates long ago, too, and am perfectly happy inputting the payroll data manually, just as long as I don't have to pay Intuit another dime.