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Jitterbug Phone Co. Are Scammers

October 28th, 2009 at 07:35 pm

Got my mom a Jitterbug phone several months ago. Minutes were to roll over for 90 days. Haven't used any minutes in months, yet the latest statement shows only one month of minutes available.

Called Jitterbug and they admitted they recently had a 90 day rollover plan but said they changed it to 60 day rollover. Told them I signed up for the 90 day rollover plan and, if they only had the 60 day rollover plan, then their web site must not have been up to date. They said it had been. They are liars.

Next, since the phone hasn't been used since signing up, the statement should show three months of available minutes (or at least two months for their 60 day rollover). Instead the statement says I only have one month's worth of minutes available.

Tried to tell them they ripped me off minutes, but they gave me a song and dance about it. I guess they are used to being able to talk their way out of a paper bag to confused seniors.

I regret buying their crappy phone and their service. What a scam. Will talk to my mom about getting her a different phone service.

Clean Your Dryer

October 23rd, 2009 at 07:03 pm

I finally told my husband that if he wouldn't fix the dryer I was going to buy a new one. There is a limit to my frugalness and having to deal with a dryer that takes 2-3 full cycles to dry clothes is one of them. I dealt with it for a very long time and would end up with smelly clothes that would have to be washed all over again if I forgot to immediately start the second or third cycle. Besides, it was wasting energy running so long.

So he pulled out a part and took it to an appliance parts place. They tested it and said it was fine and told him to bring in some different parts to test. They were fine also.

They then told him to buy a lint brush and clean way down inside where the long lint screen goes. I was amazed at how much lint he got out. I had assumed that all of the lint ends up on the lint screen which I cleaned before each use, but I was wrong. Next he cleaned out the long vent pipe with a brush with an extension handle and made sure the flex pipe portion wasn't kinked.

Now the old dryer works great. Saved a lot of money and am glad we lessened a fire danger in the process. Whew.


October 5th, 2009 at 02:18 am

A customer paid us in cash. Checked account online today to discover that Chase charged us $7.80 for depositing it! A "cash deposited fee". Unbelievable! I do them the favor of depositing money in their institute and they CHARGE ME for it???

Was it because the teller had to count the bills that took all of 30 seconds? People are at the teller windows much longer than that for other reasons. What crap. I'm so tired of various companies trying to rip me off and always having to fight it. Disgusting.