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Sure Glad We Sold When We Did

November 19th, 2009 at 06:48 pm

Checking out home prices online....The small home we reluctantly sold in January 2007 is now worth $200,000+ less than the price we sold it for.

I would almost feel sorry for the current owners except that they were quite arrogant and would make condescending comments to us when we were dealing with them. Of course, we were polite and kept our mouths shut, and we accepted their lowball offer. They thought they were getting quite a steal (and so did we at the time).

It was a depressing time for us. We moved to an even smaller rental. But with all the medical bills we had and less work available, it was the right decision. We had no idea just how right it would be. We had made a good profit (from riding the bubble), paid off the medical and other bills, and have a comfortable nest egg/emergency fund left over.

I'm happy to be a renter now. As that was the second home we had owned and sold, I am at the point now where I wonder if I ever want to buy again. It's still cheaper to rent here than buy. But I'm keeping an eye on the home prices anyway. It would have to be an extremely good deal to convince me to buy again.

Chase Bank Rip-Off #2

November 2nd, 2009 at 02:49 am

My "Business Free Checking" (as they have the nerve to call it) just charged me $3.00 for going over their monthly deposit limit, another "Welcome to Chase" surprise since they've taken over WaMu. That brings it up to a total of $10.80 I've been charged for depositing money in their bank.