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What Nerve

August 6th, 2009 at 07:08 pm

My phone rang, and I didn't feel like answering it. I was listening to the caller leave a message. It was my dentist office telling me that my kids will soon be due for a 6-month check-up.

She then goes on and says that SHE scheduled appointments for them (without my consent) and proceeds to state the dates and times of them! (I had already refused to schedule ahead of time when we were at our last appointment.) Then she says that I need to call the office if I want to change them! I then had to scramble to the phone and say that I don't want the appointments.

I schedule check-ups for our family annually rather than semi-annually. I've always made sure that the kids, as they grow up, take good care of their teeth. Neither of them, ages 19 & 6, have any cavities to date.

I don't appreciate the dentist trying to schedule an appointment without my permission and causing me more hassle. Ugh. We have much more important medical issues/expenses to worry about.