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Cost of Food - Ouch

May 8th, 2008 at 12:24 am

I pulled up some Quicken reports today, and here are the results:

4/19/07-04/18/08: $9864.66 ($822.06/mo.)
04/19/06-04/18/07: $7076.99 ($589.75/mo.)
Approximately 39% increase.

Dining out:
04/19/07-04/18/08: $488.15 ($40.68/mo.)
04/19/06-04/18/07: $496.89 ($41.41/mo.)
Consists mainly of husband's lunch buying. Except for going out to pizza twice, the last time we'd dined at a restaurant was while on vacation in January 2007.

This is for a family of four. We have to buy drinking water, and I do like to buy organic, all-natural type items (but don't always). I feel horrible about how much is spent on food. I've been trying to make a lot of stuff from scratch but, apparently, I need to do much more.